Office Phone

My most recent work is an office desk phone based on an Panasonic KX-T7668 (UK-B) and a table.
The goal for this project was to have it in engine, an engine render and several marmoset renders.

I sourced reference for this model by looking up other examples on artstation, sketchfab and google.
I treated this a passive environment prop keeping the poly count as low as possible sticking to a 4k tri limit for the phone and 1k limit for the table coming in at just under the limits with 3998 for the phone and 988 for the table.

The low and high poly models took around 2 and a half days on and off whilst texturing and rendering took 1 day.
I wanted to include as much detail as possible within the model, this was achieved through baking a high poly mesh in substance into the low poly asset. I wanted to give the phone a worn and used look with discoloration on the buttons due to grime and the skins oils.
This helps to give the impression that this was used frequently.