Sea of thieves - Merchant globe (permission to share given)

Here is the result of my take on the Sea of thieves merchant globe.
As part of an Art Test I was tasked with recreating this asset in 3d following a beautiful, in depth and very explanatory piece of concept art by stephanie dominguez provided by Rare.

I was given a vert count to work by and a very in depth guide to the style and how things should be done.
Firstly hats off to Rare for their documentation and concept art, its top notch and makes realizing an asset a whole lot easier.
In reflection of making the asset i went a little too low poly in some areas resulting in some bake errors, this was solely my fault and the result of a previous art test in the back of my head wanting cleaner wire frames.

The art style is hard to hit as it is very distinct, but I feel I gave it a fair shot and learnt allot along the way, it was a super fun project to work on and something just different, Massive thanks to Andria Warren for the chance.
Tom =)

Tom mclennan new7
Tom mclennan new9
Tom mclennan new2
Tom mclennan colour2
Tom mclennan colour3
Tom mclennan screenshot011
Tom mclennan screenshot012

A render to experiment with night lighting.

Tom mclennan screenshot006