Uncharted 4 treasure - hamsa mythical goose

Week five task - recreate the hamsa mythical goose treasure piece from Uncharted 4 and ive put my own take on it, This piece was born from zspheres worked through to a high poly zbrush sculpt with allot of masking techniques this was then retopologized and projected then the high poly was baked into the low poly model and then textured with subtle details and colours in substance painter. Overall im really pleased with this piece and how the sculpted details carried through.

The original low poly model with baked high detail is 13,500 tris ive also added a 2706 tri count model and a 1786 tri count model as an optimisation test.

Tom mclennan goosenew

Uncharted 4 treasure - hamsa mythical goose

optimisation test 2706 tri count

optimisation test 1786 tri count